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Cut-Away Scale Model for Training

Our client, FMC Technologies, requested a working model of a gate valve that would assist with maintenance training. Talking with model maker Scott, it was determined that the best way to serve this purpose would… Continue reading

Training Model Completed.

A&M Model Makers recently finished a model that will be used for company training exercises. Our clients wished to establish and maintain the most efficient process for packing and loading their product on shelving.  Practicing… Continue reading

Cutaway Model of PX-220

This is a cut-away model of the PX-220, an energy recovery device. The client has requested 10 copies from our model makers to be used for sales and training.

Why Have a Training Model?

How many people won’t admit that they have trouble reading blueprints or maps? They might smile and nod as they look over a 2D plan, but not everyone’s mind can translate the information spatially into… Continue reading