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Airport Cargo Model

Recently we built a trade show model for an air cargo company that specializes in the transport of heavy-duty air freight. They wanted a model that allowed for different configurations to be set… Continue reading

Remote Control Trade Show Truck Model

Occasionally professional model making feels a little bit like a kid in a candy shop. This phenomena occurred recently when KiwiMill was asked to build a car carrier in 1:14 scale (big!) for a trade… Continue reading

Trade Show Display Model

Rotondo was looking for a unique trade show display for their StormPod storm drainage product. This display does double duty as both a scale replica of the product as well as a functioning… Continue reading

FL Smidth Industrial Model

This mobile stacking conveyor is part of a system of conveyors that is used in the mining industry to continuously stack mined material. To demonstrate the immense scale of this machine, FLSmidth commissioned… Continue reading

How To: Martini Glass Display Model

Making a Martini Glass Everyone needs to know how to create their own display model of a martini glass, don’t you think? What you need for this project:  clear & fluorescent acrylic  ren… Continue reading

Display Models for Anaren

Recently KiwiMill shipped out 5 displays for our client, Anaren, representing the circuit boards they make for radars.  These will be trade show displays and include a  plane, ship, 2 trucks and a satellite that… Continue reading

Trade Show Models Attract Attention

    A trade show booth should draw potential customers in to explore, interact with, learn about and bond with your product. What better way to meet these goals than with a scale model… Continue reading

ITT Tactical Airport Surveillance Radar

Our model makers built a Tactical Airport Surveillance Radar model series for ITT. This particular design is called the TASR-2020.  Using  photo-like images for reference, the majority of the pieces were made out of brass for strength, beauty and longevity. The CNC… Continue reading

Trade Show Display – automating a slot machine

For the final display at CES , our model makers purchased a collection of real casino props to create this vingette of a Las Vegas casino including felt table tops, a working roulette wheel, authentic poker chips and… Continue reading

Trade Show Display – lights, music, mixed drinks

Our model makers designed a display that evokes the atmosphere of a night club for the Kodak trade show booth at CES 2011. Laser cut acrylic formed the shelving to hold 3 lava lamps with… Continue reading