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Ask The Model Maker!

What burning question do you have about model making? What is something you want to know about model makers, model making, or scale models? It can be a technical question, a price inquiry,… Continue reading

KiwiMill Helicopter Model Build

A year ago, KiwiMill documented a 1/10 scale multiple helicopter build, to be used as a reference in future, similar projects. It began with brainstorming sessions to determine the materials and methods used… Continue reading

Model Maker’s How-to: Casting Cars

KiwiMill recently designed a car model to be used for a sales display. The models will be used to showcase automotive paints for Hyundai. We chose to cast these from a carved resin… Continue reading

Mistakes in Model Making

Model making involves as much pre-planning as possible for each project to avoid mistakes later on. First, by determining exactly what the client’s needs are and determining the model’s over-all purpose. Where will it be used, how often and… Continue reading