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Monday in the Model Shop

1.14.13 Monday in the Model Shop

So You Want to Be a Model Maker?

Model Making is a profession that most people don’t know a lot about. People tend to think of it either as a layman’s hobby or a skill that has been replaced by computers.… Continue reading

Not Sure What You’re Looking For in a Scale Model?

There are plenty of clients that are entertaining the idea of a scale model for their sales office, trade show display or company training, but are unsure of exactly what they are looking… Continue reading

Product Design Case Study

KiwiMill and its design division, kiwiseed, worked together to make a medical device used for thyroid analysis. Our industrial design department worked on concept sketches, form studies, user testing and 3D CAD drawings for prototyping and manufacturing.… Continue reading

Meet Our KiwiMill Model Making Team

Recently we took the time to track down our amazing staff, take their pictures and write a little something about each of them. It’s a peek behind the men and women who live… Continue reading

Model Shop Name Change

A&M Model Makers has been in existence for half a century. While the owners, craftspeople, techniques, technology and even the company location have changed over time, the name has not. Originally created from the names of its… Continue reading

Fabrication Choices in Model Making

With the addition of a 3D printer, new in-house fabrication options are available to the model makers at A&M. Decisions need to be made about what fabrication method is best for building each model part. What parts should be printed, molded, CNC… Continue reading

Young Person’s Visit to the Model Shop

As a visitor, you never know what to expect when you’re planning to enter a model making facility. My first visit to A&M Model Makers I had no clue what to be ready for. I… Continue reading

Day In the Model Shop

Current projects in the model shop. 6.22.11.

What Model Making Tool is Your Favorite?

Today I posed this question to a few of our model makers – What is your favorite model making tool? Tom:  CNC Mill Chris: 3D Printer Joe: Trim-O-Saw Mike:  Bandsaw Scott: X-Acto Knife Jim: X-Acto Knife CNC Mill… Continue reading