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Non-Disclosure Agreements in Model Making

Often times in the model making business we are asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with a client. NDA’s are legal agreements that give protection and reassurance that the information exchanged during a model build… Continue reading

Casting a Model Hand in Pictures

An Engineer’s Approach To Mechanization In Models

Recently I took a few minutes to ask one of our model makers about his approach to building scale models. I was particularly interested in models that require mechanics – movement or lighting. Our… Continue reading

Product Design Case Study

KiwiMill and its design division, kiwiseed, worked together to make a medical device used for thyroid analysis. Our industrial design department worked on concept sketches, form studies, user testing and 3D CAD drawings for prototyping and manufacturing.… Continue reading

Meet Our KiwiMill Model Making Team

Recently we took the time to track down our amazing staff, take their pictures and write a little something about each of them. It’s a peek behind the men and women who live… Continue reading

Young Person’s Visit to the Model Shop

As a visitor, you never know what to expect when you’re planning to enter a model making facility. My first visit to A&M Model Makers I had no clue what to be ready for. I… Continue reading

Production Processes for Duplicate Models

Custom scale models are often one time only builds. Model makers are given an object, picture or design, they draw up the parts in 3D and set about constructing the item. Whether the finished product ends… Continue reading

What Do You Look For in a Model Maker?

What qualities are valued the most when choosing a model maker? level of realism made in the USA previous work lowest price accuracy of scale high quality materials quick turn around flawless detail shop… Continue reading

Welding as a Model Making Tool

One fabrication technique that is not often associated with model making  is welding. While styrene plastic and glue are staples of some model designs, many more are made out of metal for stability,… Continue reading

Building a Model from Scratch – A Model Maker’s Perspective

Most people’s perception of building a model is opening a box and gluing parts together.  This isn’t what we do here, there are no kits for what we make.  Building a model from scratch, that’s… Continue reading