How To: Martini Glass Display Model

Making a Martini Glass Everyone needs to know how to create their own display model of a martini glass, don’t you think? What you need for this project:  clear & fluorescent acrylic  ren… Continue reading

3D Printed Part Transformed

At KiwiMill we use our 3D printer to make some of the parts for our models, depending on the design and purpose of the project. For a recently made MATV military vehicle, the… Continue reading

Model Shop Name Change

A&M Model Makers has been in existence for half a century. While the owners, craftspeople, techniques, technology and even the company location have changed over time, the name has not. Originally created from the names of its… Continue reading

Fabrication Choices in Model Making

With the addition of a 3D printer, new in-house fabrication options are available to the model makers at A&M. Decisions need to be made about what fabrication method is best for building each model part. What parts should be printed, molded, CNC… Continue reading

Mistakes in Model Making

Model making involves as much pre-planning as possible for each project to avoid mistakes later on. First, by determining exactly what the client’s needs are and determining the model’s over-all purpose. Where will it be used, how often and… Continue reading

60K Tunner Scale Model

In the shop right now is a project involving a 60K Tunner scale model. A&M Model Makers has built one in the past and is being asked to make another. Utilizing the shop… Continue reading

3D Printing

We’re getting ready at the model shop for a new 3D printer. This machine will introduce additive processes for model making designed to increase flexibility and productivity. Model making has traditionally been associated with… Continue reading

Trade Show Season 2013

The 2013 Trade Show Season is quickly approaching. Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to generate new leads, launch a new product design and strengthen relationships with existing clients. It’s not too late to plan new… Continue reading

Training Model Completed.

A&M Model Makers recently finished a model that will be used for company training exercises. Our clients wished to establish and maintain the most efficient process for packing and loading their product on shelving.  Practicing… Continue reading

Young Person’s Visit to the Model Shop

As a visitor, you never know what to expect when you’re planning to enter a model making facility. My first visit to A&M Model Makers I had no clue what to be ready for. I… Continue reading