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  Description  The Patriot MIM-104 is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system used by the United States Army and many other nations. The prime contractor for this system is…

Cut-Away Scale Model for Training

Our client, FMC Technologies, requested a working model of a gate valve that would assist with maintenance training. Talking with model maker Scott, it was determined that the best way to serve this purpose would… Continue reading

Giveaway Truck Models

Recently KiwiMill was asked to make reasonably priced multiples of a truck to be used as giveaway premiums for special clients. The trucks are used to spray weed control substance on railway beds.… Continue reading

Casting a Model Hand in Pictures

An Engineer’s Approach To Mechanization In Models

Recently I took a few minutes to ask one of our model makers about his approach to building scale models. I was particularly interested in models that require mechanics – movement or lighting. Our… Continue reading

Model Maker’s How-to: Casting Cars

KiwiMill recently designed a car model to be used for a sales display. The models will be used to showcase automotive paints for Hyundai. We chose to cast these from a carved resin… Continue reading

Not Sure What You’re Looking For in a Scale Model?

There are plenty of clients that are entertaining the idea of a scale model for their sales office, trade show display or company training, but are unsure of exactly what they are looking… Continue reading

Product Design Case Study

KiwiMill and its design division, kiwiseed, worked together to make a medical device used for thyroid analysis. Our industrial design department worked on concept sketches, form studies, user testing and 3D CAD drawings for prototyping and manufacturing.… Continue reading

Meet Our KiwiMill Model Making Team

Recently we took the time to track down our amazing staff, take their pictures and write a little something about each of them. It’s a peek behind the men and women who live… Continue reading

Packing and Shipping Scale Models

Model making companies need to put a good deal of thought into their packing and shipping practices. Custom models come in all shapes and sizes and degrees of inherent durability, based on the… Continue reading