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Pending Model Shop Move

Next month KiwiMill will be moving to a new model shop. Our model makers are very excited to have this building designed and renovated to their specifications. The new building is self standing, and will include… Continue reading

Monday in the Model Shop

1.14.13 Monday in the Model Shop

House Model Prop for “How It’s Made” Television Program

KiwiMill just built a house for Cavco to be used as a television prop for How It’s Made, on the Discovery Channel (Canada) and  Science Channel (USA). This scale model was created in… Continue reading

CNC Router Built in the Model Shop

KiwiMill is very pleased to be using its new CNC router. This piece of machinery adds greatly to our in-house capabilities. The bed is 4 x 10 ft, with 15 inches of Z travel, allowing… Continue reading

Habitat for Humanity Collaboration

KiwiMill recently became a sponsor for Flower City Habitat for Humanity’s 2012 Roc Properties fundraising event.  We chose to support this worthy cause based on its motto, “a hand up, not a hand… Continue reading

Is a 3D Printer Like Having an Extra Model Maker?

The team here at KiwiMill is definitely pleased with the addition of our newest Objet 3D printer. While we jokingly refer to it as our extra employee – it is quite a miraculous technology – it’s worth noting the support systems needed to… Continue reading

Pinewood Derby!

  Those of you who have spent any time with the Boy Scouts of America will be familiar with the Pinewood Derby race. This much-anticipated event takes place annually within the Cub Scouts… Continue reading

Meet Our KiwiMill Model Making Team

Recently we took the time to track down our amazing staff, take their pictures and write a little something about each of them. It’s a peek behind the men and women who live… Continue reading

Model Shop Name Change

A&M Model Makers has been in existence for half a century. While the owners, craftspeople, techniques, technology and even the company location have changed over time, the name has not. Originally created from the names of its… Continue reading

Fabrication Choices in Model Making

With the addition of a 3D printer, new in-house fabrication options are available to the model makers at A&M. Decisions need to be made about what fabrication method is best for building each model part. What parts should be printed, molded, CNC… Continue reading