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Scale Model Specialization – Is it a Good Thing?

Some scale model shops specialize in particular types of models. Architectural model making is a common type of specialization, as well ship building or airplanes, here in the United States. Model trains would… Continue reading

Airport Cargo Model

Recently we built a trade show model for an air cargo company that specializes in the transport of heavy-duty air freight. They wanted a model that allowed for different configurations to be set… Continue reading

Ask The Model Maker!

What burning question do you have about model making? What is something you want to know about model makers, model making, or scale models? It can be a technical question, a price inquiry,… Continue reading

Remote Control Trade Show Truck Model

Occasionally professional model making feels a little bit like a kid in a candy shop. This phenomena occurred recently when KiwiMill was asked to build a car carrier in 1:14 scale (big!) for a trade… Continue reading

KiwiMill Helicopter Model Build

A year ago, KiwiMill documented a 1/10 scale multiple helicopter build, to be used as a reference in future, similar projects. It began with brainstorming sessions to determine the materials and methods used… Continue reading

House Model Prop for “How It’s Made” Television Program

KiwiMill just built a house for Cavco to be used as a television prop for How It’s Made, on the Discovery Channel (Canada) and  Science Channel (USA). This scale model was created in… Continue reading

Museum Model Gives Local History Lesson

It’s not often that KiwiMill has the opportunity to work on a local scale model project. This past summer we jumped at the opportunity to contribute a historical museum model to Rochester, NY’s… Continue reading

Trade Show Display Model

Rotondo was looking for a unique trade show display for their StormPod storm drainage product. This display does double duty as both a scale replica of the product as well as a functioning… Continue reading

Weathering a Scale Model

Recently I watched our model makers take perfectly crafted buildings and purposely mess them up. My curiosity was piqued. Why painstakingly create a line drawing on the computer, laser cut it, precisely assemble… Continue reading

Naked Scale Model

There have been some requests to see the most recent FMTV truck model during the actual build. Sometimes it is more interesting to see a model before it has been hit with a coat of… Continue reading