Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Architectural Model Helps Preserve a Bit of History

Back in the 1980’s, KiwiMill’s architectural staff were looking for a project to add to their portfolio as well as for a marketing tool. They looked around the community for an historic, architecturally elegant building that could… Continue reading

Is a 3D Printer Like Having an Extra Model Maker?

The team here at KiwiMill is definitely pleased with the addition of our newest Objet 3D printer. While we jokingly refer to it as our extra employee – it is quite a miraculous technology – it’s worth noting the support systems needed to… Continue reading

Architectural Models Communicate.

Architecture is probably the most frequently modeled item other than modes of transportation (trains, planes, boats and vehicles). Most people have encountered a scale model of a building, house, interior space or community at some point in… Continue reading