Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Non-Disclosure Agreements in Model Making

Often times in the model making business we are asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with a client. NDA’s are legal agreements that give protection and reassurance that the information exchanged during a model build… Continue reading

Model Maker’s How-To: Molding and Casting Model Hands

Model Maker Joe recently shared the process by which he created a total of 300 model hands for a client in the medical field: We had a customer contact us with the need of… Continue reading

Pinewood Derby!

  Those of you who have spent any time with the Boy Scouts of America will be familiar with the Pinewood Derby race. This much-anticipated event takes place annually within the Cub Scouts… Continue reading

Shipping Containers Find New Uses Worldwide

Shipping containers are one of those items you take for granted in life. The intermodal container or “sea can” is a reusable steel box with standard measurements that transports all types of goods… Continue reading