Monthly Archive: July, 2011

Honda Aircraft Site Model

  Just Shipped:  A model of the Honda Aircraft Headquarters, Research, and Production facility in  Greensboro, North Carolina, located at Piedmont Triad International Airport. This facility is home to the new HondaJet personal aircraft, scheduled for… Continue reading

What Do You Look For in a Model Maker?

What qualities are valued the most when choosing a model maker? level of realism made in the USA previous work lowest price accuracy of scale high quality materials quick turn around flawless detail shop… Continue reading

Commodity – a mass-produced, unspecialized product

Professional model makers are in the business of building (and sometimes designing) one-of-a-kind creations. Very occasionally, though, a model maker decides that fabricating a particular part from scratch is not in the best interest of… Continue reading

Museums – Caretakers of the Past, Present and Future

Did you know that there are almost 18 thousand museums in the United States? Are you aware that zoos are classified as museums? The American Association of Museums (AAM) lists the  following  types of… Continue reading

Scale Model of Innovative Shelter for Rapid Response

When response is needed quickly, SAIC’s Expandable Shelter System  (ESS) is the solution for military, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial use. It’s a self-standing, self-contained, rugged and secure entry shelter that transports readily… Continue reading

Model with Working Parts

Our model makers have shipped out the asphalt plant model. Seven feet tall, with working parts, this model simulates the movements of an asphalt plant. Doors and chutes that operate in the real plant with hydraulic cylinders have… Continue reading