Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Day In the Model Shop

Current projects in the model shop. 6.22.11.

Welding as a Model Making Tool

One fabrication technique that is not often associated with model making  is welding. While styrene plastic and glue are staples of some model designs, many more are made out of metal for stability,… Continue reading

Architecture is a Beautiful Thing.

Most people can get excited about architectural models. Breathtakingly huge skyscrapers lit from the interior,  intricately detailed cottages with lift-off roofs, or lushly landscaped commercial developments capture attention. These types of models can… Continue reading

Cutaway Model of PX-220

This is a cut-away model of the PX-220, an energy recovery device. The client has requested 10 copies from our model makers to be used for sales and training.

What’s a Prototype?

It may seem oddly counter-intuitive, but often the quickest, least expensive way to make a new product is to first make something else. A prototype is a special type of model that engineers… Continue reading