Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Heavy Equipment Sales Model

  If you have a large piece of machinery, heavy equipment vehicle or industrial process that you need to sell to customers you have to make choices about your marketing approach. Phone calls, email,  or… Continue reading

Building a Model from Scratch – A Model Maker’s Perspective

Most people’s perception of building a model is opening a box and gluing parts together.  This isn’t what we do here, there are no kits for what we make.  Building a model from scratch, that’s… Continue reading

Making Working Parts on a Model

The 7 ft asphalt plant model in the shop right now will have all working parts. Anything that moves in a real asphalt plant will be replicated on the model as well. It won’t… Continue reading

Description of a Model Maker

  David Neat,  master model-maker, teacher and author in the UK, describes the essence of model-making: A model maker needs “a rigorous command of scale and knowledge of the varied materials and methods… Continue reading

What Backgrounds Do Model Makers Have?

How does a person become a model maker? There are a variety of ways that today’s model makers started out before becoming professionals in the business. While most model makers will tell you that… Continue reading

Uses for Scale Models

Trade Shows Public Display Training Exercises Museum Exhibit Sales Office Mock ups Preconstruction Zoning Board Approval Gift/Appreciation Advertising and Marketing Visual Effects in Motion Pictures Set Design Prototypes Court Room Business Presentation Educational… Continue reading