Monthly Archive: April, 2011

Why Have a Training Model?

How many people won’t admit that they have trouble reading blueprints or maps? They might smile and nod as they look over a 2D plan, but not everyone’s mind can translate the information spatially into… Continue reading

Display Models for Anaren

Recently KiwiMill shipped out 5 displays for our client, Anaren, representing the circuit boards they make for radars.  These will be trade show displays and include a  plane, ship, 2 trucks and a satellite that… Continue reading

You Need an Industrial Display Model

When it comes to sales presentations, having a display model sets your product apart from the competition. A color brochure of your product, or a video demonstration will not deliver the impact a… Continue reading

A Big Asphalt Plant Industrial Model

Today when I looked around the shop for the model maker‘s latest project, my eyes scanned the work tables for something small in scale. I couldn’t find anything. Where was the model? It was… Continue reading

Cooling Container Trade Show Model

Just shipped: a model of a cooling container for Schneider Electric.

Model Makers and Painting

One of the more obvious features that sets a great model apart from a mediocre one is the paint job. Everyone notices it. An expertly applied paint job doesn’t automatically make a model high quality, but… Continue reading

Unfinished Models are Interesting?

Sometimes a model is more interesting before it is painted and detailed, rather than after. This is a model of a generator, which will be part of a larger model of an ESS… Continue reading

Packing a Scale Model with Care

 A little talked about aspect of a model maker’s job is to figure out how to pack and ship a finished project. No matter how intricate and difficult a build might be, nothing compares to the… Continue reading