Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Topography Model Time

Today in the shop our model makers are carving foam. That can only mean one thing – besides a mess – topography!  A topographic model depicts the 3D nature of a particular terrain, accurately… Continue reading

NASA Spacecraft Model

KiwiMill recently shipped out a model of  the  Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission. This is a NASA launch set for 2014, where 4 identical spacecraft wil be sent in a capsule to probe Earth’s magnetosphere. The… Continue reading

Medical Sales Model

Out the door and on to our client, Carestream. This sales model is 13x its original size. It’s part of a Digital Radiography System used by dentists for x raying teeth.

What Model Making Tool is Your Favorite?

Today I posed this question to a few of our model makers – What is your favorite model making tool? Tom:  CNC Mill Chris: 3D Printer Joe: Trim-O-Saw Mike:  Bandsaw Scott: X-Acto Knife Jim: X-Acto Knife CNC Mill… Continue reading

Making a Mold for a Model Part

I recently noticed some jelly-like blob soaking in the shop sink. What? It prompted a discussion with, Tom, one of our model makers, about making molds for models. I grabbed the camera, took… Continue reading

Why Draw a Model on the Computer?

Our shop has been working on a project that involves extensive use of 3D mechanical drawings. The model, an asphalt plant, will be 7 feet tall when completed. The size and structure of the… Continue reading

Brainstorming a New Project – How does a model maker get started?

One of the more appealing characteristics of model making is the excitement generated around each new project. Most model makers  appreciate the fact that their work is varied. Each assignment brings with it research, skills, materials and building… Continue reading