Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Swarf in a Model Making Shop

Model shop word of the day: SWARF It’s the chips, shavings, filings, turnings or saw dust debris that come off metal or woodwork operations.

CNC Milling in a Model Shop

The CNC mill is churning out pieces for our latest model maker  project. Parts were drawn in AutoCAD or Rhino for a model radar, then processed through VisualMILL. The professional model maker needs to play the role of… Continue reading

Model Shop Furniture – Boring?

KiwiMill recently acquired additional office furniture for their expanding needs. Chairs, tables, desks etc… A fairly straightforward approach was used to outfit the office space . But when it comes to the workshop area, creativity reigns. Why buy… Continue reading

Trade Show Display – automating a slot machine

For the final display at CES , our model makers purchased a collection of real casino props to create this vingette of a Las Vegas casino including felt table tops, a working roulette wheel, authentic poker chips and… Continue reading

Trade Show Display – lights, music, mixed drinks

Our model makers designed a display that evokes the atmosphere of a night club for the Kodak trade show booth at CES 2011. Laser cut acrylic formed the shelving to hold 3 lava lamps with… Continue reading

Some Scale Models Start with Off-the-Shelf Parts

Model maker Mike built these models of  MedClean sanitizing systems. Used as a sales tool, they were created from off-the-shelf Peterbilt trucks. A cutaway design shows the sanitizing components mounted to the trailer floor.… Continue reading

Server Facility Cooling System- first model of the year

The shop has been busy in the New Year building a scale model  of a cooling system for a server facility. It will be used as a sales model by our client, APC. Update:… Continue reading

Display Model Showcases Burton Snowboarding and Kodak

Tasked with creating a sports themed model for Kodak and Burton Snowboards, A&M Model Makers sculpted 15 lb foam into a mountain. Off-the-shelf snowboard figures from Freestyle Max were animated using imbedded cams and… Continue reading

Model Displays For Trade Show Exhibit

KiwiMill created 4 distinct models for our client, MSM, designers of the Kodak  trade show exhibit at CES 2011. The purpose of the displays were to highlight the motion capture abilities of newly introduced cameras. Trade show participants… Continue reading